Offshore Software Development

Businesses are becoming increasingly reliant upon technological innovations and new custom software to improve their practices and surpass the competition. However, keeping software development personnel on the in-house staff, and providing the training necessary to keep those employees up to date, can become much too costly for any company. This is why many businesses within developed nations, such as America, are turning to offshore software development solutions. The result is often higher quality at a substantially lower cost. This is an equation no project manager can resist.
Higher Quality When You Go Global

All too often, individuals assume that when work is outsourced, the end result will be of a poorer quality. In reality, by shopping your needs around to other countries, you widen your prospects substantially. By doing so, you have an opportunity to browse a larger number of highly qualified candidates for the project. When you bring more countries into consideration, it becomes increasingly probable that your business can find a fairly priced software developer with qualifications that will exceed company expectations. Offshore software development also makes it much easier and affordable to find developers that are specialists within a field of software development important to the goals of your business.

Lower Cost

Most businesses seek offshore software development services it makes strong economic sense. The bottom line is that it is possible to hire an offshore software development company with skillsets that are at or above what is required, for a fraction of what it would cost to hire their native counterparts.

Outsourcing to an offshore development team can be much more cost effective than maintaining an in-house software development department for many reasons. Hiring just one permanent software development staff member is going to require spending substantial payroll dollars and extensive time providing on-going training and management for the employee.

When the software development needs are outsourced to an offshore company, businesses can access an entire team of highly talented developers for less than the cost of the one in-house employee. The business also has the advantage of only purchasing software development services as they are needed, instead of constantly maintaining staff members even when there is not a pressing need for new software development.

The Productivity Gap in the Western World

While the western world has battled long and hard to maintain its status as a leader of research and development, in terms of growth, countries such as India are overtaking these western leaders. The United States has an aging population, and many of the leaders in the industry are retiring, or increasingly more expensive to hire. Whereas, in these emerging countries, there has been a boom of young, bring, and innovative up and coming researchers and developers. More and more American businesses are taking advantage of these new, educated, skilled, and inexpensive software development services. Even with increased regulations on outsourcing, this trend is expected to continue over the coming years.

Crowdsourcing with Outsourcing

When a company relies upon only the ideas and expertise of one employee, an intercompany department, or even one local development company, perspective on a project becomes somewhat limited. In order to find the best possible solution for a problem is to explore as many plausible and creative routes as possible. By using offshore software development services, it is possible to tap into not just one developer, but benefit from a diverse range of skilled experts. Businesses have the freedom of receiving proposals from multiple offshore cost effective developers in order to find the best possible solution for the given problem. The company is no longer limited to few or one idea.

The purpose of development is to look for ways to evolve and improve current practices. If there are offshore software developers ready and capable to provide western businesses with affordable and original development strategies that work, it is only logical to take advantage of these exciting new opportunities.