New Learning Opportunities Bolster Project Managers

Training & DevelopmentIn order to do one’s job effectively, it’s important to have the proper experience and education. This is especially true for project managers, as their roles within an organization are often shifting and the people they work with are likely to change on a regular basis as well. The core of a leader’s knowledge therefore needs to be comprised of general management skills that encompass team building, motivation, communication and corporate technology and infrastructure comprehension.

The breadth of information a project manager must absorb continues to grow all the time as well. While more firms are making use of new and emerging technologies such as mobile devices, cloud deployments and remote workforce opportunities, all of these assets make the life of a project manager that much more difficult. Instead of having to deal only with the traditional trials of team oversight and human resources integration, now supervisors also need to worry about how corporate hardware and software will add into the equation.

Competitive advantage
All of these various obstacles add up to an environment that requires personnel in these roles retain specialized training and knowledge. As the roles and requirements of project managers continue to expand, the demand for specialized training is also on the rise. People seeking these kinds of positions or already engrossed in this line of work would do well to apprise themselves of educational and certificate opportunities, especially as more regional colleges and vocational schools begin to offer these kinds of programs.

Workforce development is a critical part of increasing the value and effectiveness of project management. New Jersey Online’s Messenger Gazette stated that Raritan Valley Community College just announced it will be hosting a Project Management Certificate Boot Camp later this year, providing specialized education on the kinds of skills and information leaders need to possess.

The course material focuses on:

  • Past project management experiences
  • Planning
  • Strategy
  • Exam qualification

This one-week course gets participants ready to take the Project Management Professional exam, a test that grants those who pass a certificate denoting prowess and personal expertise in this leadership role. Gaining such a document helps prove that a supervisor knows what he or she is doing, as well as projecting a better image of the organization overall.

Broadening audiences
While the RVCC program has a focus on exam and certification, there are other programs across the country that offer insight and training to those seasoned in the profession and newcomers alike. For instance, a release from Sierra College CACT and the Continuous Improvement Network is offering a Practical Project Management Training course in Sacramento, California.

This program is open to everyone, providing specialized training for those with past experience while also offering opportunities for fresh faces and professionals interested in gaining project management qualifications.

With the wider focus on education for all, the CACT program offers:

  • Basic principles of project management
  • Project resource control
  • Planning and evaluation
  • Practical applications
  • Schedule development
  • Benchmarking practices

Taking advantage
On top of the targeted educational advancements that these assets offer project managers, enrolling in such a program also providers participants with access to educators and facilities where these seminars take place. For businesses, this means a significant return on investment for helping leaders attend these meetings and gain knowledge or certification. That’s because such opportunities ensure that there are more outlets for further education if participants so desire, allowing corporations to continue the enrichment of their critical leadership.

Sending personnel to participate in project management training and educational enhancement allows these professionals to perform better and advance the image of the organization for which they work. These programs ensure that employees are staying up to date on the most important tools and technology in the enterprise environment.

By continuously going to school and taking training options as a serious opportunity, it’s easy for professionals to stay abreast of new and emerging trends that are likely to arise in the project management life cycle. Focusing on continuous workforce improvement allows businesses to remain ahead of the competition and provide stakeholders with the best products possible.

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